We are a small group of residents in Ontario and Florida who love to help animals in need. We specialize in helping cats, but we also work with other animals too. We trap, clean, feed, shelter, provide medical care and medicine, nurture, retrain, and try to find good homes for the animals we save. The ones we can not domesticate and rehome, we either turn over to a sanctuary or release them where we found them.

When you shop from our store, you can be sure that your purchase profits go directly to changing animals' lives for the better. We will provide for the animal, assist our fosters, and help support or build animal sanctuaries.

We hope that you will enjoy our products and come back and visit us often to help more small rescue groups improve the lives of animals in need.

Mission Statement

To rescue abandoned, neglected, and abused companion animals, provide them with love and care, and find them forever homes while promoting responsible pet ownership and humane treatment of all animals.

Vision Statement

A world where every animal has a loving home, free from abandonment, neglect, and abuse.

Value Statement

We believe in working alongside individuals, organizations, and shelters to create a supportive network for animal welfare.