My name was unknown until Puny Human and Mommy Servant adopted me in 2019.It was the puny human that came up with Albert atstein.It’s a perfect name, too, since I have a PUR.hd in all things cat.I was a homeless cat living with a colony of 23 other catsbehind a hospital in Sanford, Florida, before a lovely lady named Robin brought me to the house I live in now.My duties include introducing the new cats and kittens to the permanent house residents, cleaning the kittens, playing with the kittens, and teaching them to be around other animals.You never know if the new families have other animals; our fosters need to be nice, too.


My name is Tristan, but Albert calls me Puny Human. I love cats, dinosaurs, swimming, camping, and Fortnite. My duties include cat and kitten entertainment and socializing. I have to play with them and ensure they are friendly, pleasant, and awake during the day. This way,Iensure our foster cats and kittens are friendly when they go to their new homes and sleep at night instead of keeping their new owners up at night.

Mommy Servant

My name is Ellie; I am Albert’s mommy servant. I have always loved animals, and it seemed like a good transition to start helping homeless and sick animals by fostering them. Albert was the first cat we fostered; as you can see, he was our first foster fail. I have poop duty and feeding duty. Besides caring for their basic needs, I ensure they are healthy when they go to their new families. I also love to spoil my cats. I do this with lots of hugs, kisses, belly rubs, and treats.